Course day 1: Monday June, 16th 2014
Course day 2: Tuesday June, 17th 2014
Course day 3: Wednesday June, 18th 2014
Course day 4: Thursday June, 19th 2014
Course day 5: Friday June, 20th 2014

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Day 1 - Introduction to molecular epidemiology
What is molecular epidemiology? Which study design issues are important to consider? What is the potential impact of molecular epidemiology on public health research, policy and practice?

Day 2 - How to integrate biomarkers in population based studies

What is a good biomarker, what are sources of variation, and which practical issues are important during the design of your study? What are challenges in ongoing, and in newly designed population-based studies?

Day 3 - What can ‘omics’ technology bring us
Which omics techniques are available? When to use which technique, depending on your research question and design? Which challenges are we faced with when using these techniques in molecular epidemiology?

Day 4 - Understanding complex data

What is bioinformatics and how can it help us to integrate the different types of omics data and other population characteristics such as lifestyle?

Day 5 - Molecular epidemiology in public health perspective

What are common data analyses techniques in molecular epidemiology, and how can we use novel; techniques to improve our exploration of the data and understanding of the results? Will this help us to accelerate the translation from molecular epidemiology into public health? What is the role of public health genomics?

During the course schedule, lectures will be alternated with hands-on practical trainings and demonstrations. Participants will have plenty of opportunities to interact with each other and with faculty members.
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